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Artist Draw-A-thon Thursday in LA (come draw!)

Hey Guys,

My Teammate and I are holding a Draw-a-thon, an event where artists, graphic designers, sketchers, doodlers, whatever - come and do their thing all day.

It'll be starting This Thursday at 10am and going all day!

You don't even have to live in LA to Participate!

We will also be broadcasting live to the internet and filming a short video, giving artists the opportunity to be interviewed and share their work with people all over the world.

There Draw-a-thon is part of a contest to design a unique car wrap for our teams car - but anyone can come down just to draw !

It's free, it's fun, it's Thursday in LA - or participate online

For more information Click here

We're still securing a location so
'Follow team' on that profile to get the latest updates
as this thing is happening in mere days!

And please pass it along to your artist friends
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